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  • What is the hottest topic these days in money market? Bitcoin of course. So, how is it taxed by ATO? If you think that it is out of the tax system, you are totally wrong. Yes, there are rules about that too. From ATO’s point of view, Bitcoin is an asset for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purpose. First of all you need to keep a record of, The date of your bitcoin transactions The amount [...]

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    What is Single Touch Payroll?

    November 14, 2017

    Here is my article in Bizinet magasine about a revolutionary payroll system introduced by ATO. It will be a part our life very soon. If you want to know more, click the link below and read my article. http://www.bizinet.com.au/bizinet/article/50/144-are-you-ready-for-single-touch-payroll-reporting-  

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    [Article by Robert Deutsch, CTA, published on http://blog.taxinstitute.com.au/2017/04/a-new-initiative-tax-debt-reporting.html?m=1] It’s now more important than ever that your clients get their tax debts under control so as to avoid an adverse credit report being made. As from 1 July 2017, the government proposes to have legislation in place to allow the Australian Taxation Office to [...]

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