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  • Accounting Services

  • Accounting is the backbone of every entity. Business decisions are made quick these days. And they are based on accounting data. So, timeliness, location and convenience are the key words to ensure a healthy system that maintains the most crucial data for the business.

    In Bright Accounting and Taxation Services we are very much in favour of cloud accounting which actually ticks all the boxes to meet the everyday needs of small and micro businesses.

    As partners of the most innovative accounting software developers, Xero and Quickbooks, we can show you the benefits of cloud accounting to maximise efficiency on your side.


    In digital age, there is no limits to choose where to work and when to work. Our clients can reach their data on any device they chose. Xero and Quickbooks work on Windows and Apple operating systems both. And the mobile app works on telephones and tablets too.


    Bank feeds enable our clients to follow-up their cash-flow, receivables, payments and many more day by day without any delay. Budget analysis and business health check-up is a part of the services we provide.


    In last 5 years, we were approached by taxpayers who were chosen by ATO for tax audit, for several reasons. We successfully assisted them resolve their issues and get the best outcome from the audit investigations. In 2017 alone we solved 6 cases in that respect.


    We also do external examination of the trust accounts for law firms, to meet the requirements of The Law Society of NSW.